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Rock Climbing

Jason Baker

Colorado Springs, CO

Having grown up in Colorado, Jason has had the chance to explore CO's abundant climbing areas and even find and establish some new ones. In his teens, Jason initially found inspiration in the sandstone towers of the desert southwest, however, currently his passion for climbing lies mainly in the alpine granite, where he has been busy establishing new lines in far-off boulder fields that most folks won't ever hike to and ticking off Colorado's world-class alpine routes. As the CO alpine increases in popularity, Jason's passion for finding new stone continues to take him further and further into the backcountry, always looking for that next king line!

"FrictionLabs is hands down the best chalk I have ever used; from greasy boulders to wet alpine routes, Friction Labs helps keep my hands dry so I can send." Photo by Mahting Putelis

Jason Baker

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Jason Baker

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