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Rock Climbing

Mauricio Huerta

Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Climbing since he was 11 years old, Mauricio is an accomplished comp and outdoor climber. He's placed in the top 10 at multiple global climbing competitions, has the 2nd ascent of Ghetto Booty 5.14d, and has ticked V13s from Bishop to Hueco to Mexico, his home country. He climbs to learn, to meet other psyched people, and to test his limits while sharing his passion with the world. As he says, "ESCALAR ES VIDA."

"The first time I borrowed FrictionLabs chalk from a friend I was blown away by the amazing feeling I had on my fingers, I knew I was going to need this chalk for my hardest projects, but now I really can't stop using this stuff even when training in the gym. The friction is just so much better than any other chalk I've tried."

Mauricio Huerta

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Mauricio Huerta

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