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Rock Climbing

Nils Favre

Martigny, Switzerland

Nils Favre is a climber looking for the hardest and most beautiful lines. Bouldering has been his priority over the past few years; he's climbed over 300 boulders from V11/8A to V15/8C, including the famous "From Dirt Grows Flowers," V15, in Chironico. He's also crushed some impressive highballs such as "Shining Path," V12 and "Kintsugi," V14/15, in Red Rocks, Nevada.

Nils doesn't hate rope climbing, either. In 2017 he sent his first 9A, "Amazonie", in Switzerland. When he was 23, he decided to test himself in the comp world, and became the Swiss sport champion in 2018, vice Swiss bouldering champion in 2017, and made top 30 in the world cup in Moscow, 2018.

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Nils Favre

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Nils Favre

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